Postdoc Portal

A postdoctoral appointment at NCAR is highly prized and very competitive. Fields of study include, but are not limited to, studies of atmospheric dynamics (on all scales), climate science, cloud physics, atmospheric chemistry and radiation, turbulence, upper-atmosphere physics (including ionosphere studies and aeronomy), solar physics, oceanography, and societal impacts related to these scientific areas. There are related programs in atmospheric technology and in computational science and applied mathematics.

We also have projects in atmospheric science, computer science, and related fields that post postdoctoral positions when available.To find these project-specific postdoc opportunities, view the Computing, Scientific, and other Current Job Openings on the Working With Us page. You can also Create your own Job Agent to be notified of future postdoctoral positions that match your qualifications.

Advanced Study Program

NCAR’s Advanced Study Program (ASP) sponsors a postdoctoral program which provides an opportunity for recent-Ph.D. scientists to continue to pursue their research interests in atmospheric and related science. The program also invites postdoctorates from a variety of disciplines to apply their training to research in the atmospheric sciences.

The postdoctoral fellowships provide successful applicants with considerable freedom to pursue their own research interests. Most fellows develop research projects in collaboration with NCAR scientists, but all are expected to choose their own research directions and are responsible for the design and conduct of their own projects.

To read about the ASP Postdoc Program and to apply, click here.

Visiting Scientist Programs (VSP) VSP partners with federal agencies, universities and state-level agencies to provide a cost-effective and efficient means to achieve each program’s goals. VSP offers the community experienced management expertise and seamless organizational and administrative support for the design, implementation, and execution of programs, steering committees, working groups, expert panels, educational workshops and colloquia.

The Visiting Scientist Programs co-sponsors several Postdoctoral programs:

  • NOAA Climate and Global Change Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
  • Jack Eddy Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 
  • Postdocs Applying Climate Expertise (PACE) Postdoctoral Fellowship Program